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Interested in joining the Sutphin Lab?

We are looking for motivated individuals interested in studying the molecular basis aging. Our approach employs a variety of techniques across the spectrum of biological specialties: genetics, biochemistry, systems biology, bioinformatics, physiology, microscopy, and more. Individuals with diverse skill sets are welcome.

The Sutphin Lab includes technical staff, postdocs, graduate students, and undergraduates. More information is provided below on specific types of positions.

Post-Doctoral Researchers

Post-doctoral positions in the Sutphin Lab are competitive and research-driven. We are looking for scientists interested in leading independent research into the basic mechanisms of aging and/or translating these mechanisms into new novel clinical intervention strategies. We have ongoing projects focused on studying aging through the lens of comparative genetics and systems genetics using tools in human, mouse, and nematode biology. We also welcome new ideas, technical skill sets, and directions of inquiry. Interested applicants should contact Dr. Sutphin and are encouraged to seek independent funding.

Graduate Students

We are continually seeking graduate students interested in conducting their doctoral dissertation or masters thesis work on mechanisms of aging. We are currently affiliated with the:

Current students seeking a rotation should contact Dr. Sutphin. Prospective students are encouraged to apply to the ABBS Program.

Undergraduate Students

The Sutphin Lab is a great place for undergraduates to earn research credit and learn the fundamentals of biomedical research. We are seeking motivated undergraduate students with an interest in research-oriented careers to work on a variety of projects in aging genetics. Interested students should contact our Lab Manager, Hope Dang, to inquire about available undergraduate research positions.

The University of Arizona has many resources for undergraduate students interested in research-oriented career paths that are designed to facilitate and enhance the hands-on experience of working in the lab. Undergraduates are encouraged to consider the following programs:

Technical Staff

We hire technical staff as needed to support current projects, including lab and mouse room technicians. Please contact our Lab Manager, Hope Dang, to inquire about current openings.