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Dr. Sutphin appointed Scientific Member of the Arizona Center on Aging (ACOA).


Johnny Schmidt, Erica Spence, and Emily Turner accepted into the Undergraduate Biology Research Program (UBRP).


Dr. Sutphin appointed Assistant Professor of the BIO5 Institute. View BIO5 Member Profile…


Johnny Schmidt, Erica Spence, and Emily Turner join the Sutphin Lab as Undergraduate Research Assistants.


Hope Dang joins the Sutphin Lab as Lab Manager.

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Sutphin Lab!

Our goal is to understand the molecular basis of aging, and leverage this understanding to develop new clinical interventions to extend healthy human lifespan and treat age-associated disease.

We use a combination of systems and comparative genetics to identify new molecules capable of influencing lifespan, characterize their mechanistic role in aging, and understand their interaction with other aging processes. By building a working model of the molecular networks that drive age-associated functional deterioration we can identify key targets for clinical intervention.

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We are looking for talented and passionate scientists interested in basic and translational aging science to join our team.

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